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Letter to the Editor


Cindy Garber, County Commissioner, District 6

10:36 am

Independent Editor,

   Commissioner Marlene Webster stated publicly on Friday, June 14 via a Facebook post that “This photo is the single document which we are asked to vote on each month. There is no real information here. I vote no.” That statement is false and so inaccurate that I feel it necessary to respond.

   As a commissioner new to the board, if I felt that I did not have adequate information to approve payment of the bills I would obtain that information from our administrative staff or the accounting firm which handles the bank statement reconciliations and financial reporting.

   The single-page document Commissioner Webster is referring to and provides a photo of on her Facebook page is in fact just a summary. The financial specialist in the county administration office provides supporting documents by email to all commissioners twice each month. These invoice edit reports contain the date, check number, description, account numbers and amount of each payment. These reports where sent out on Monday, June 10 and Thursday, June 13 prior to the June meeting week.

   Commissioner Webster voted “yes” to approve a $24,000 chiller for the circuit courthouse to have their air conditioner repaired, voted “yes” to add a part-time employee to the Clerk’s Office and voted “yes” to pay the e-waste collection invoice. I find it irresponsible that she continues to approve expenditures but votes “no” when it comes time to pay the bills. The people providing goods and services to the county have every right to be paid, our employees deserve to be paid, Consumers Energy expects their $4,368.17 in order to keep the lights on.

   I will continue to work with all elected officials to provide the best services to our residents without drawing unnecessary attention to myself or promoting my own agenda.

Cindy Garber, County Commissioner, District 6

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