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Letter to the Editor


Cheryl Grice, New Haven Township

3:26 pm

Independent  Editor,
I hold most of those that run for public office in high regard. They put themselves out there to better our community, or they are supposed to. For more than a decade I have had the wonderful and rewarding opportunity to work with both of the ladies running for County Clerk. They have both been great colleagues.
However, I am voting for Lauri Braid. She is what we require and deserve as a clerk. Her professionalism and hard work has always been impressive. She fights to better Shiawassee County. Lauri’s ability to carry the responsibility to disagree with people in powerful positions because their actions do not benefit the people of our county is impeccable. Few people will risk the backlash that comes from standing up for those who do not have a voice.
Lauri Braid has my vote to  continue serving as County Clerk. We cannot do any better.

Cheryl Grice, New Haven Township

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