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Letter to the Editor


Carrie Rathbun Hawks, Laingsburg

3:12 pm

Independent Editor,

I don’t usually get very involved in politics, but this year is different for me. Instead of complaining about the bickering and partisanship in our government that accomplishes nothing, I’ve decided to take action.

Kelly Rossman-McKinney is running for our 24th State Senate seat, and I am whole-heartedly supporting her! I’ve read her common-sense bipartisan plan for improving how things work in our state legislature, and I’m impressed to see a candidate put specifics to the “how” and “why” of their platform; it’s refreshing. It is also the kind of change I’m looking for, and that I think will truly make a difference in our state.

I am an independent voter. It matters not to me which party someone is with. Kelly is a Democrat, but her goal is to “leave her colors at the door,” roll up her sleeves and get to work on both sides of the aisle. Like me, she is tired of the bickering. She has the experience as a seasoned public relations professional with more than 30 years of working in and with our state government on issues such as fixing our roads, reforming education financing and structure, and working for healthcare solutions that will benefit our residents.

Earlier this year she retired from her extremely successful firm to run for public office because she wanted to be part of making a change. She is highly respected and understands how the system works. Kelly is tough and honest. With her knowledge, she can hit the ground running and make the best use of our tax dollars.

As a fellow small business owner, community leader and 24th-district native, it is also important to me to have a senator who has taken the time to learn about the communities she’ll be representing. Months before she made her decision to run, Kelly started visiting with her potential constituents to find out what mattered to them. She participated in community and school events. She went to local government meetings to learn about the issues they face. Kelly didn’t just start showing up after the primary in August.

Please join me in electing Kelly Rossman-McKinney as our next state senator. It will be a vote well made.

Carrie Rathbun Hawks, Laingsburg

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