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Letter to the Editor


Caroline Wilson, Owosso

10:47 am

Independent Editor,
I want to thank all of you for your concern and questions regarding the latest volley of deceptive lies and misinformation in regards to the annoying robo calls we have all been exposed to throughout this past week.
Let me state at the outset that I am deeply saddened that you have been receiving these rash of robo calls lately and especially on Sunday—our day of rest. Yet, I now feel compelled to respond. My first response was “no” response due to the juvenile and immature content of the calls. But with the growing concern and questions raised by our local community regarding the misleading lies and deception I feel I should at least address a few issues.
These calls have consistently revealed bogus information from a disconnected phone number, false addresses, and fake organizational names. How can any well-informed citizen give these calls any credibility whatsoever. It is an insult to our intelligence as citizens of this community and Shiawassee County as a whole.
It is highly unfortunate that it is now our county citizens that have been thrust into this corrupt political arena and exposed to a barrage of consistent lies, deception, and outright manipulation of the public. It shows a complete disrespect for the citizens of this county and makes a mockery of our political system. The misinformation and perversion of truth perpetrated by these calls again reflect the corruption and distortion of truth, we as a nation and at the local level are being exposed to.
Each and every issue mentioned throughout the calls not only go completely against what the Republican platform stands for but it goes completely against what I stand for. I will either win or lose based on those who know me, my faith that is represented through my actions and the precepts and merits I stand on.
My campaign has been consistent–integrity, diligence and accuracy. I promise to bring respect and legal integrity back to the county clerk position and to the citizens of this county.
On Tuesday, Aug. 2, you will be given the opportunity to make a difference in this community by the privilege of your vote for Caroline Wilson.
Thank you for your time!

Caroline Wilson, Owosso

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