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Letter to the Editor


Carl Stevens, Owosso

9:44 am

Independent Editor,

   I see that the county Democratic Party is still trying to fly under the radar as being 2nd Amendment friendly. Sorry guys; that ship has sailed. We’re not buying it. Let’s take a look at some recent history.

“…hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” This was from the 3rd Democratic presidential primary debate in September last year. While the candidate who said that is thankfully gone, there were nine other candidates on that stage, many of whom agreed with him. At the very least, not one of them disputed what he said. Sadly, many of those candidates are still in the primary race to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

   The county Democrats say that passing the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary resolution would be “meaningless.” So why are they so vehemently opposed to it? What are they afraid of? They say that law enforcement officials are obligated to carry out any anti-gun law, no matter what. So they think that these officials should be “just following orders.” Seems like they’ve had a problem with that phrase in the past.

   Many Democrats favor “government buybacks” of commonly owned firearms, which is deceptively dishonest because the government never owned the firearms in the first place. The Democratic candidates prefer to call it “buyback” because the term “government confiscation” would sink any campaign that used it. So, given the animosity displayed by the Democratic leaders, the 2nd Amendment could definitely use sanctuary.

Carl Stevens, Owosso

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