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Letter to the Editor


Caitlyn Sanders, Laingsburg High School sophomore

2:36 pm

Independent Editor,

   My name is Caitlyn Sanders. I am a sophomore at Laingsburg High School involved in drama, band, jazz band, FFA and Quiz Bowl. I am hoping that the bond proposal for the Laingsburg School District will pass to enhance all our high school experiences. Nearly every student will feel a positive impact from what the bond proposal has to offer, from air conditioning at the elementary school and new buses, to improved parking lots and secure entrances at every building.

   For me, the most noticeable change will be for the high school sports teams, bands and drama club. Those in drama dedicate many hours of our time to the club. Some spend two to three hours after school each day and more during the course of our season, which spans from September to March. Many shows require space we simply don’t have since the current stage is too small and the storage space backstage is very limited.

   Performing and producing these big-name shows would mean the world to me. I feel a certain rush when I perform that is incomparable to any other feeling. Performing, to me, is the greatest feeling in the world. That rush makes me feel happy and full of pride and confidence, something that is difficult for many young adults to have. Performing makes me feel special, and having the community support would make these dreams of performing in an auditorium come true. Please support the passage of the bond in order to make our dreams come true.

Caitlyn Sanders, Laingsburg High School sophomore

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