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Letter to the Editor


Brian True, Corunna

11:09 am

Independent Editor,

Suckers …

   Company K and M headed out of the trees and into a gently upward sloping wheat field at about 5 p.m. In the face of German machine guns, they would take their objective Hill 192. Through the night of June 6, 1918, so many of these soldiers were killed or wounded that at first it was thought their companies had been destroyed. The next morning it was reported that there had been 27 killed and 225 wounded.

   My grandfather was a member of Company K, 23rd Infantry, 2nd Division and was machine gunned that night, ending his time at the front. My grandfather was not a “loser,” nor were the 251 other men who fought and died or were wounded with him that night during the battle of Belleau Wood. In 2019, I was fortunate to visit my grandfather’s battlefield just South of the Belleau Wood. Anyone who visits the hallowed grounds of the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery or spends time with any combat veteran, and like me has never served in the military, cannot help but “hold their manhoods cheap.”

   If someone thinks our veterans are “losers” and “suckers,” how do you think that person feels about you if you are not rich, attractive, popular, metropolitan, etc? The only “suckers” are those who would vote for a man who falsely claims to be about American values, when in fact he is only about himself.

Brian True, Corunna

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