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Letter to the Editor


Brian True, Corunna

6:52 pm

Independent Editor,

   Let’s get moving. The recent campaign to build a new jail in Shiawassee County successfully established the need for a new jail. The size and scope of the project still needs to be better defined and established, however. The number of voters going to the polls on Tuesday, May 7 indicated the jail is an issue important to voters. While the jail may not have received it’s funding, the sheriff’s department did establish that the current facility has reached the end of its useable life, an opinion few still reject.

   Now it is time to establish a well-balanced committee of respected community members representing the broad interests of the county at large, to oversee and work with county officials and steer us through the process. The committee should be comprised of those known to the community as knowledgeable, trusted and hard working. Such a respected and trusted group can provide wisdom and credibility to the process, hopefully resulting in a plan the voters can support with their votes and tax dollars. It is time to get moving so that a well-vetted plan may be created and again presented to the voters for their consideration soon.

Brian True, Corunna

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