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Letter to the Editor


Brian BeGole, Shiawassee County Sheriff

12:06 pm

Independent Editor,

   The Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office would like to applaud the jury’s recent guilty verdict on all charges against Doran Tashawn Duncan in the 35th Circuit Court trial. Our hearts continue to go out to the Ramos family during this difficult time.

   The Sheriff’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office were always confident that our actions were appropriate when rendering the discovered weapon safe and securing it as evidence.

   It is shameful to know that the individuals operating several social media sites and hiding themselves behind anonymity used this tragedy as an opportunity for political gain and to promote their own personal agendas. Their personal character attacks against the Sheriff’s Office and devoted members of our staff are extremely deceitful, misleading and in many cases, outright lies. Sadly, as the election year approaches, this unethical behavior will undoubtedly continue.

   I would like to urge everyone not to be manipulated by the false information these people are posting and to please seek out the real and complete truth. I continue to have an open-door policy and welcome any questions anyone may have.

Brian BeGole,

Shiawassee County Sheriff

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