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Letter to the Editor


Brent Winiarski, Corunna

3:28 pm

Independent Editor,
I strongly support Caroline Wilson for the Shiawassee County Clerk position. Others have spoken of her competence, experience, honesty, and integrity. I can attest to all of those traits – and many more – from my personal experience with Caroline in her position as an employee of the Friend of the Court.
As a divorced father with two children, I have dealt with the Friend of the Court for the past 17 years. I was extremely fortunate to have spoken with Caroline right from the beginning. She has been the Friend of the Court contact that I have worked with exclusively while raising my children. I have been on both sides as a non-custodial parent and as a custodial parent. She has always been fair and followed the guidelines set up by the Friend of the Court. The best interests of my children have always been Caroline’s main concern.
I know she has had many clients and additional responsibilities when she became office manager but Caroline has made me feel like my family was of utmost importance to her. Whenever I call her and have to leave a message, I always receive a call back from her. My questions are always answered and my concerns are always addressed.
I am honored to call Caroline Wilson my friend. Caroline has the qualities that Shiawassee County needs. I urge all voters to vote for Caroline Wilson for Shiawassee County Clerk on Aug. 2.

Brent Winiarski, Corunna

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