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Letter to the Editor


Braden Simpson, Grand Blanc

2:07 pm

Independent Editor,

   Why Joe Ibarra should be the next Shiawassee County Sheriff …

   Joseph Ibarra is one of the most caring, thoughtful, fair, and just people I have ever known. He is fair enough that he treats everyone with respect and dignity, but takes no punches from those who would disrespect anyone. Mr. Ibarra has given his time to his many friends and family, his local community in many ways, his business clients, and does it all with a smile. Mr. Ibarra does all this by working long into the night, often still making phone calls until 10 at night or later if possible to get things done. That’s commitment. That’s leadership.

   I have no doubt he will take that same type of commitment and fortitude to the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s office. Community means everything to this man. Vote Joe Ibarra for Shiawassee County Sheriff.

Braden Simpson, Grand Blanc

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