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Letter to the Editor


Bonnie Pearce, Corunna

9:46 am

Independent Editor,

   I was shocked to find a reprint of my letter to the editor concerning Nancy Pelosi published a few days later with another person’s name as a writer. It was an exact duplicate except for “Trump” being inserted in place of Pelosi and a reference made to a handshake rather than a copy of the State of the Union address. This was unethical and possibly plagiarism. If the writer was unable to express himself in his own words, he should have sought help, not steal the work of the original author in order to counter her message.

   I have written this second letter because I was deeply offended by what appears to be mockery of the article I wrote. I believe we still have freedom of speech in this country and are entitled to express our opinions without this kind of intimidation.

Bonnie Pearce, Corunna

(Pearce is responding to a letter to the editor published in the Thursday, Feb. 13 edition of the Argus-Press.)

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