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Letter to the Editor


Bob Craig, Owosso

10:39 am

Independent Editor,
As I have never written any opinions in any newspaper before, I’ve realized now is the time. As the primary election is August, I urge people to vote for my friend Hartmann Aue. I have known Hart since some would say he was knee high to a grasshopper. He grew up with my son Dennis as he played in many of the same sports from youth league all the way through high school. One thing that I remember about Hart is he always had a dream to work public service. (Why? I don’t know.)
One thing I have learned is in politics, at least half the people are going to lie to you. That shouldn’t be the case. One of the reasons why I am even willing to stick my nose into this election is because Hartmann is not like the politicians I see in Lansing and DC.
Last week Hart stopped by my house as he was going door to door in southwest Owosso. I haven’t seen Ben Frederick out here at all. To me, that speaks volumes about a candidate’s drive, work ethic, and integrity. I retired from the city of Owosso after a career of 34 years. In that time, I had met Mr. Frederick and when I would introduce myself it seemed that he had no interest.
Another thing that bothers me is that the people with the most money always seem to win. If work and character were equal to money in the election process, Hart would win in a landslide. Please vote for Hartmann Aue on August 2.

Bob Craig, Owosso

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