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Letter to the Editor


Bob Campbell, Byron

9:09 am

Independent Editor,
It seems some people will say anything to get elected. Lagging far behind in the polls, Commissioner Hartman Aue is now painting himself as an outsider valiantly looking to overcome the Lansing establishment while bragging about a new surplus he claims sole responsibility for during his short tenure.
The problem Aue has is that people in this area have longer memories than he gives us credit for. The county laid off a good number of deputies not so long ago and under Aue’s leadership didn’t hire them back. When you lay off most of your cops, you will have extra money. This sudden surplus simply proves that the elimination of road patrol was not needed. Added to that, Aue is now proposing using some of that money for a pre-election-timed bonus payout for county employees. I hope he allows the laid off deputies to sign the bonus checks prior to distribution given the source of the money. That he would brag about a surplus created by laying off cops is truly shameful.
As to his being an outsider, voters will recall that a few short months ago his claims for qualification for the state rep job after a mere 10 months as a commissioner included a couple of years with Governor Snyder’s office and time as an intern in the House of Representatives. Where he has worked since or whether he was even employed at the time was not and remains undisclosed. That is hardly the resume of a Lansing outsider.
I don’t entirely disagree with his outsider claim, however, given that I’ve never seen him involved in any way in my area and indeed not in the county at large until he began his attempt to hop up the political ladder a few months back. It really should be no surprise to him that he has failed to break out of even single digit support in the polls. When it comes to longstanding involvement and possessing a genuine dedication to our area, Hartman Aue is truly an outsider.

Bob Campbell, Byron

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