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Letter to the Editor


Blair Pancheck, Durand Board of Education member

4:35 pm

Editor, The Independent:

On Nov. 3, voters in the Durand Area School District will be asked to vote on a no-mill increase bond. This is an opportunity for students in our school system at no additional costs to our taxpayers.

Refinancing the 2005 and 2006 bonds allowed the school system to obtain a better interest rate on the current bond. These savings are what the school system would like to use to make improvements to the schools. Areas that are projected for improvements include: updating technology in all buildings, energy efficiency and safety and security.

An evaluation of specific building needs was done by community members that included some Durand business owners and Board of Education members. The needs assessment addresses areas that need improvement and would allow a much more energy efficient school system. In addition, technology upgrades would allow our students and teachers to have access to vital educational information in our fast-paced environment. Finally, safety and security is being addressed and would continue to be Durand’s number one priority.

This approval would improve our student success for the future. As a Durand graduate and Durand parent, I encourage you to vote Nov. 3!

Blair Pancheck, Durand Board of Education member

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