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Letter to the Editor


Bill Moore, A-1 Mobile Storage Leasing

3:35 pm

Independent Editor,

   Having been in business for nearly fifty years, I have dealt with people from all walks of life, mostly with fond memories. These people have been around the globe from businesses I have owned, from import business to domestic. Once in a while, someone stands out to go way beyond what is required of them and even what might be expected. Shiawassee County has one of those stars: Justin Horvath. I am not a resident of Shiawassee County, however, I do business in the county.

   Following Justin’s daily updates on dealing with COVID 19 and information that is provided on programs to receive assistance with the government recovery programs has been outstanding. I know his efforts in keeping everyone informed went far beyond 8 to 5. Finally, I would like to say THANK YOU JUSTIN for all your hard work.

Bill Moore, A-1 Mobile Storage Leasing

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