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Letter to the Editor


Bill Kline, Middlebury Twp.

2:30 pm

Independent Editor,

To John Carpenter (in response to a letter published in November), I will not be so impetuous as you, to call you ignorant or foolish, but I will call you naïve. The middle class has no lobbyists or big money donors pushing for an equal balance on any proposed tax cuts. All we have is the ability to call out senators or representatives to express our likes, or displeasures. Since more of the proposed tax plan has come out since your and Mark Zacharda’s letter, less and less looks like the middle class will get anything but the shaft.

Your statement about Obama driving up the national debt is very short-sided. Have you forgot the mess that Bush and Cheney left him with in 2008? Remember Cheney said America would not pay for the war; it would be paid for with Iraqi oil? Well, it was an empty promise, much like Mexico paying for the wall. Never happened.

Your statement about the top two percent of taxpayers paying 39.5 percent – I guess you don’t realize they have so many deductions that they don’t pay anywhere near that in real dollars. Unless you have an LLC or are incorporated, you won’t be seeing any tax break.

For those of you who believed Trump when he said he was “going to Washington to drain the swamp,” if you still believe him, you are not paying attention. His cabinet has more snakes and piranha than the last five administrations combined. Some cabinet heads have spent years trying to disassemble the same departments they are now in charge of. Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s appointment to the Consumer Protection Agency is the latest example. Peter Robb, confirmed for National Labor Relations top enforcement job, was Reagan’s attorney that drew up the legal memo for firing the air traffic controllers. He is not someone who is looking for labor’s best interests. Most all of the cabinet heads are exactly the most disruptive persons that could have been put in charge. But since Trump likes things in turmoil and confusion, it fits his style.

Whoever the next president is, will have a bigger mess to straighten out than any previous president. That is if there is anything left to inherit.

Also, the tax cut has been jammed through with only the differences between the House and Senate to be resolved. How the cuts working for you? I’ve lost all my deductions and I, like most middle class people, will pay more.

Bill Kline, Middlebury Twp.

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