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Letter to the Editor


Bill Dodge, Woodhull Township

2:47 pm

Letter to the Editor

Independent Editor,
I would like to express my endorsement and confidence in electing Ben Frederick for the Michigan 85th District House of Representatives. Ben is a life-long resident of Shiawassee County. Currently in his 7th year as Mayor of the city of Owosso, he has experience in the legislative process for almost 14 years, working on various staff assignments for both the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives.
What is impressive is that he is very humble, honest, forthcoming, and real good listener. He cares for others as well as being engaged in the local communities in whatever capacity his talents may be utilized.
He is supportive of Vocational Education. He recognizes that everyone does not wish to enter college after high school graduation but would like to enter the workforce in a field that will teach and enhance a chosen skilled trade profession. He will work to encourage partnerships between parents, employers, and educators to fill the needs in the Skilled Trades vocation.
Among several other prime interests, Ben is a strong advocate for agriculture in Michigan, employment and health issues for veterans and disabled workers, support for local communities and school districts. His leadership, integrity, and dedication to improve the overall well being of the citizens of the 85th District are well noted and appreciated. Please vote Aug. 2, 2016.

Bill Dodge,
Woodhull Township

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