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Letter to the Editor


Beverly Lang, Woodhull Township resident

2:12 pm

   I urge your support for Pamela Slee for supervisor of Woodhull Township. She is on the Republican ticket running against the current supervisor, Democrat Kay Nickols. If you are voting for Democratic candidates higher up on the ballot, please split your ticket. I am one of just a few residents who regularly attend township meetings and follow the actions of the board. As a result, it is my opinion that Pamela Slee is by far the best qualified to be supervisor.

   After serving for 24 years as our supervisor, as a certified assessor, an active member of the 9-1-1 Shiawassee County Dispatch Board for 19 years and for the past four years as our township treasurer, Pamela Slee is undoubtedly the most experienced candidate. She has a thorough understanding of the duties and responsibilities of supervisor and is most capable of fulfilling that role lawfully, fairly and with transparency. I have worked with her since 2009 when she appointed me to the Board of Review and later to the Planning Commission, and have always admired her steadfast dedication to faithfully serving the people of Woodhull Township and seeing that local taxes are spent wisely and legally.

   Some of the things I have observed during the current supervisor’s term include: money spent without prior board approval; lack of understanding of basic requirements of the Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act; inappropriate conduct at public meetings; disregard for Robert’s Rules of Order when approving motions; and, contrary to opinions of attorneys at the Michigan Townships Association, the adoption of a $5 FOIA email fee. I trust Pamela Slee to bring back legality, decorum and proper procedures to the actions of the Woodhull Township Board and to restore respectful, open communication with township residents.

Beverly Lang,

Woodhull Township resident

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