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Letter to the Editor


Ben and Lydia Frederick, Owosso

11:39 am

Independent Editor,

Our community has an important choice to make on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Our local economy grows as we develop a skilled workforce that leads to sustainable employment and entrepreneurship. We must have a strong public school system preparing our young people as critical thinkers, problem solvers, risk takers, and innovators.

As former students, parents, and homeowners in Owosso, we have seen firsthand what an outstanding teaching staff we have in this community. In addition to the superb special education system our family continues to benefit from, there are many other bright spots at Owosso Public Schools, including international baccalaureate, arts, athletics, and core course offerings.

OPS is also a leader in our region when it comes to career-based education, offering programs like construction trades, culinary arts, fashion, engineering, business management, and, most recently, agriculture. Superb and expanding career technical education like this needs to take place within facilities fully suited to hands on and immersive 21st century instruction. That’s what makes your vote on Nov. 7 so important.

It all comes back to jobs. Our community can only move forward when our children and grandchildren are able to secure employment in a competitive and ever-changing marketplace. This is certainly what we want for our son and daughter, for your children or grandchildren, and for future generations. We have in our hands the ability to ensure that students leave their experience at OPS fully prepared for the jobs of both today and tomorrow.

A modern school system of quality is an inheritance passed from one generation to the next. Each generation has a responsibility to ensure the legacy of Owosso Public Schools is carried forward better and stronger than ever before. It is now our turn to be a part of that legacy. Please help with your support and “yes” vote this Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Ben and Lydia Frederick, Owosso

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