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Letter to the Editor


Ben Frederick, 85th District State Representative

9:59 am

Independent Editor,

   Thank you to the people of Shiawassee County and rural Saginaw County for “rehiring” me as state representative for a second term! With nearly 62 percent of the vote, we had a higher win percentage than two years ago, and we won every precinct and community across the district. It continues to be an honor to represent you all, and I am grateful for the continued trust that is being placed with me and my team.

   I want to also commend my fellow candidate, Eric Sabin, for running a constructive race focused on issues rather than personal attacks; for that, my family and I are grateful. We wish him well as he continues to seek to serve our area.

   Thank you to my dear wife, Lydia, and our family for making this season of service possible. Last week was the 11-year mark since my first election to local office. It’s not a lifestyle for the faint of heart, and it takes strong support back home.

   I will strive to continue to be a positive and constructive voice for our area over the coming two years, while continuing to emphasize skilled trades education, agricultural expansion and initiatives that promote local control. I wish you and yours abundant blessings during the holiday season.

Ben Frederick, 85th District State Representative

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