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Letter to the Editor


Bea Vajgart-Founder, Shiawassee County TEA Party/9-12 Commission and more

1:13 pm

Independent Editor,
We the people, prayerfully, ask that you to consider Matthew Shepard as our next 85th District State Representative with the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan (USTPM.ORG). Matthew has been an active member of the TEA Party in Michigan for over five years. Matthew has led the fight for freedom in Shiawassee County for over four years (Chairman, Shiawassee County 9-12 Commission, 2013-2016 and member) giving awareness education involving government corruption. Along with the assistance of others, Matthew organized candidate reviews and forums in opposition to common core, Obamacare, gas tax proposal, school millage proposals, Sherriff’s proposal, Headlee Amendment Override tax hike, and other issues that affect taxpayers’ money and liberty; it is important to notice that some initiatives failed with the public being made aware of how our government was attempting to oppress the people with even more taxation (15 percent to 30 percent in two decades).
Matthew also participated in the much needed initiatives to impeach Obama and the petition drive to restore Michigan’s part-time legislature with much opposition from the Republican party; it is unfortunate that these initiatives failed with the necessary support of volunteer people. In recent, along with Doug Levesque (USTPM candidate for State Board of Education) and over 13,000 others in opposition, Matthew fought against transgender bathrooms and showers in our public schools; with very little favor, it passed through the State Board of Education. Matthew also volunteered to encourage people in Shiawassee County and surrounding counties to attend Big Ticket Christian Festival in Gaylord and Franklin Graham’s visit to our Lansing Capitol. Matthew, and his wife Peggy, have helped others in the community with needs when called upon.
People might ask themselves, “Do we want more government and taxation or less government with more liberty?” We encourage people to not vote Straight Party, as this disallows People of Good Conscience from obtaining office. Voting for the lesser of two evils is not the positive choice. You may not like Donald Trump, but consider all the Constitutional Conservatives that he has aligned with himself while campaigning for President. If you are not yet decided…think about it; one will rebuild America and the other will do everything in their power to destroy the Constitution and the United States along with it. Please, consider Matthew Shepard and Michigan’s Constitution Party (USTPM.ORG) for state elections on Tuesday, Nov. 8 . May God’s blessing be upon America,

Bea Vajgart-Founder, Shiawassee County TEA Party/9-12 Commission • Shelah Bellis Hockman-Former Secretary, 9-12 Commission  • Dale Slack Rozman-Former Commissioner, Shiawassee County • Wayne Rozman -Former Commissioner, Shiawassee County • Mark Rozman-Farmer/OTR Truck Driver • Krista Weaver- Former Member, Shiawassee County 9-12 Commission  • Joe Sanger -Co-Founder, US Taxpayers Party of Michigan

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