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Letter to the Editor


Anthony Karhoff, Shiawassee Township

5:40 pm

Independent Editor,

After reading the local article about the city of Durand asking residents for a millage increase for ambulance services, my family and I are concerned with the logic and agenda of the current contract with MMR. Since MMR has been contracted by the city of Durand to provide ambulance services, there has been an absence of an ambulance in the city of Durand. Yes, people “might” see an ambulance at the base in downtown Durand, but the truth is that the Durand MMR rig is also taking calls in Swartz Creek, and Gaines and Argentine townships for additional revenues, while putting Durand residents at risk by leaving them with extended wait times for EMS.

This has left other municipal emergency services like Southwest Shiawassee Emergency Services Alliance (otherwise known as Perry Ambulance or S.S.E.S.A.), Corunna Area Ambulance Services, and Owosso Ambulance to cover in the absence of the MMR rig taking for-profit calls in Genesee County. Myself not being a resident of the city of Durand but having friends and family in the city, the reckless contract the city of Durand has with MMR deeply concerns me. I live in Shiawassee Township, which is covered by S.S.E.S.A., and I view them as what an emergency medical service provider should be. Prompt and professional service, and always being available in their coverage area is what sets them apart from for-profit ambulance companies like MMR, who puts dollars and cents before residents’ health and safety.

Over the past few years, my immediate family member needed the services of S.S.E.S.A., which required only an on-scene examination, for which we were not billed. However, for my friends and family in Durand, for the same service, MMR will send a bill, even if transportation to a medical facility is not required. I urge the residents of the city of Durand to take a close look at the services being rendered by MMR in Durand, and I ask them to vote “no” on the upcoming millage increase. I also urge residents to let the Durand City Council and the mayor of Durand know that MMR is not reliable enough to entrust with the care of the residents. Why pay an increase of $41 to $68 for MMR, depending on your homes taxable value, when residents could pay a straight $45 per household without any unexpected bills from S.S.E.S.A.


Anthony Karhoff, Shiawassee Township

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