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Letter to the Editor


Anthony Karhoff, Shiawassee Township

2:02 pm

Independent Editor,

Dear neighbors and fellow residents of District 4 and 5, represented by Commissioners Brandon Marks and Jeremy Root. I had the pleasure to meet the two commissioners, who sat down with me to discuss key issues and concerns affecting our communities. Any elected official, in my eyes, represents the constituents at all times, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. I understand our elected officials must travel, train, and personally fund some expenses out of their own wages and salaries, and give up a lot of family time to look for ways to help their communities be successful.

After speaking with Root and Marks, I understand their positions on community growth, Project Tim and Pleasant View. While we may not agree on some concerns, we agree there is a need to allow each phase of negotiations to work their way through in order to be transparent and demonstrate professional cooperative leadership. Building bridges with open dialogue is the proper way to be respectful to your community and fellow neighbors, no matter what your personal views and opinions are. In difficult times we all want issues fixed now, but sometimes it takes time to work through and correct them. I believe a new bond of cooperative community transparency and friendship has developed out of open dialogue. It is difficult to serve in any elected capacity because you are elected to serve your neighbors’ and residents’ best interests, while using your best judgement and beliefs.

Negativity and poor attitudes breed mistrust and contempt, but cooperation and communication builds transparency and political understanding. Congratulations to my friend, neighbor and Shiawassee County Commissioners Jeremy Root on his re-election for the District 5 Commissioner seat, and I encourage my fellow neighbors in District 4 to support Brandon Marks and give him the opportunity to do what’s right for you, me and our families.

Your neighbor and friend,

Anthony Karhoff, Shiawassee Township

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