Durand Union Station, Inc., (DUSI) held their Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 19. The main goal of the meeting was to sign the lease agreement with the city of Durand. Member votes were also counted as four board members were elected and several changes were made to the organization’s by-laws. Mary Warner-Stone used the time, while ballots were being counted, to narrate a power point presentation outlining the accomplishments the group has made in the last year. Among those highlights were the approximately 15,000 visitors to the depot, nearly 11,000 documented volunteer hours in 2015, and improvements to the Museum layout and displays.

Warner-Stone also noted the contributions of volunteers Dennis McLane and Rod Baker during the meeting. “It is amazing the talent our volunteers bring to DUSI. Every year there is someone that really stands out and contributes more than we could have imagined. In 2015, it was Denny and Rod. Their expertise and assistance moved this nonprofit forward by making positive changes, and honestly that is what it is all about. Overall, we have about 200 volunteers that give their time in different areas of the organization. Every hour contributed is greatly appreciated.”

She also noted the tremendous help of Durand’s Department of Public Works in helping the group recover from a flooded basement last summer. After sump pump failures the basement had 30 inches of standing water, and the DPW responded quickly with pumps to remove it and mitigate damage. Two trailer loads of refuse were subsequently hauled away by DUSI volunteers, and the basement received a thorough cleaning and reorganization as a result.

Once the ballots were tallied, Board President Mike Rexin, Secretary Kathy Sutherland, and Board Members At-Large Dave Harrell and Tim Colton were all elected unopposed, and the proposed by-law changes were approved by a large margin. The meeting was adjourned after members and Board members were all given opportunity to comment on the proceedings.

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