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   Sara Pettit, a Durand resident for 9-years, has announced plans to recall Durand Council Member Dr. Brian Boggs.

   Pettit shared she regularly attends council meetings and is invested in the Durand community, where she and her husband are raising their two children.

   During the Monday, Aug. 2 council meeting, Pettit asked Boggs to resign from the Durand council, though he declined. Her request is not based on his role with Durand, but with his position as the Shiawassee County Coordinator. She explained she asked him directly to give him the opportunity of stepping down, prior to launching any recall effort. Under recall guidelines, she can’t begin the process until November.

   Pettit shared she doesn’t necessarily always agree with his decisions on the board, but she does not live in the precinct he represents. For her, her concern starts with his connection to former Shiawassee County Chair Jeremy Root and the disbursement of COVID-19 funds whereas the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners voted to give themselves portions of the money up to $25,000 – in some cases.

   In her statement to the city of Durand, Pettit shared she was appreciative of interactions she has had with two council members including Rich Folaran and Matt Schafer, mayor pro tem. She said that Folaron had recently been kind and supportive to her son and that Schafer was a family friend, offering in a later phone call she would not allow her friendships to sway her opinions.

   Schafer has also been outspoken, publically calling for Boggs to resign as recently as the Special Meeting in Corunna on Sunday, Aug. 1.

   “Lately it seems that lines have been blurred: Lines between what is right and what is wrong; lines between what is earned and what is taken; and lines between service and greed,” she offered in her statement.

   “As elected officials, I think it’s important that you all be respectfully reminded from time to time that you were placed in this position to represent the citizens of Durand and to use this position to best serve our community,” she expressed, mentioning that what is happening at the county level does not “look good” for the county or Durand.

   “All the people named and involved in the scandal at the county have tarnished the reputation of anything they touch. There is mistrust down to even the smallest of statements and actions,” Pettit continued.

   Pettit alleges Boggs involvement with the county funding disbursement issue shows a “lack of critical thinking and transparency.”

   Dr. Boggs offered the following response via email on Tuesday, Aug. 10. “First, my position on the city council is not consubstantial with my position as the county administrator. Second, as an employee of the county, I do not get a vote on any county business nor did I set the bonus amounts for the board or myself. I only set them for employees.”

   He continued with, “Third, this is not the first time that Mr. Schaefer has called for my resignation, nor is it the first time that I have called for his. Further, I reinstate my call for Matt’s resignation under the precedent set in Wayne County v. James Kinney. He holds two incompatible offices as a council member and volunteer firefighter. ‘County prosecutor brought action under Incompatible Offices Act against city council member who was a paid volunteer firefighter for city fire department. The Wayne Circuit Court, John H. Hausner, J., granted summary disposition for plaintiff. Defendant appealed. The Court of Appeals held that defendant’s two public positions were ‘incompatible’ under Act.’

    Fourth, the only citizen that expressed her concern is a friend of Mr. Schaefer and does not live in my precinct. I have served on the city council for almost 20 years without issue and I am happy to hear the concerns of my constituents.”

   If enough signatures are collected starting in November, a recall election would not be held until May 2022.

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