By Graham Sturgeon, co-editor

The Durand City Council approved the first reading of a proposed littering ordinance amendment during its Monday, April 4 meeting that would affect downtown property owners. The city already has an ordinance that outlaws littering, but the amendment would clarify the existing language to include tobacco products and feces on the list of explicitly banned items. The amendment also adds a paragraph to the existing ordinance that makes it the responsibility of downtown property owners to clean garbage and rubbish from their properties.

The downtown district is described as: N. Saginaw St. between Main and Tuscola streets, Main St. between Saginaw and Marquette/Railroad streets to the east and Oak St. to the west, Oak St. between Main and Gratiot streets, and Clinton St. between Genesee and Mercer streets.

Durand City Manager Amy Roddy mentioned during the meeting that it is next to impossible to catch every person that deposits garbage and rubbish on downtown streets, alleys, and sidewalk, so the only way to eradicate the litter problem is to hold property owners responsible. She also said that property owners should already be taking the initiative to keep their properties clean, but that the new ordinance would create more of an incentive.

The council had previously discussed an ordinance to take care of the growing problems with feces and cigarettes being left on city sidewalks, and council members were all happy to approve the first reading. The second reading and a probable adoption vote should come during the council’s Monday, May 2 meeting.

Durand Police Chief Jason Hartz also added during the meeting that his department will be increasing ordinance enforcement in the coming weeks.

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