by Graham Sturgeon, co-editor

Amy Roddy announced recently that she would be retiring as Durand City Manager and Clerk Aug. 5, but the city will retain her services a bit longer, at least on a part-time, hourly basis. The Durand City Council voted Monday, July 25 to appoint Roddy as the interim manager, while the council works with the Michigan Municipal League (MML) to conduct the search for Roddy’s replacement.

The council also voted Monday to contract with the MML, for $12,000, to help with the search. The council chose the consulting group’s base package, which will include a candidate profile; advertising/listing the position; compiling a list of candidates, with background research; and helping with the interview process.

Roddy said she will contact the MML immediately to set up a

meeting, and she expects the council to be able to begin the process “as early as next week” (Aug. 1 through 5). In the meantime, the council members will think about what they are looking for in a candidate, as well as what job title Roddy’s replacement will have.

Roddy is retiring as both the clerk and the city manager, so both of those positions will need to be filled. The council talked about hiring a city manager, who would then hire the new clerk. They also talked about combining the clerk and treasurer positions, since Lisa David is certified to handle the clerk’s responsibilities, in addition to her duties as treasurer.

Several council members expressed their desire to see Roddy stay with the city, in some capacity, while the city works to secure a few potential development opportunities. Roddy, it turns out, feels the same way, and said she intends to follow through with each of the aforementioned opportunities.

Roddy made it clear that she would not be able to guarantee the number of hours she will be available every week, due to her fluctuating schedule with the Teamsters. She also noted that the rest of the office staff is qualified to step in and do most of her responsibilities, should she not be available. Durand Mayor Deb Doyle, and Pro-Tem Ken McDonough will be available to handle situations that would normally require Roddy’s presence, though neither will be paid for time spent handling city manager duties.

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