THE DURAND COMMUNITY has launched a new “Durand Beautification Project” through a collaborative effort of the Durand Development Authority, the Greater Durand Area Chamber of Commerce and the city of Durand to attend to the overall appearance of downtown Durand. The first meet-up was held Saturday morning, April 10, with community members meeting at the Sandula Clock Tower and then breaking off into groups to help in assorted areas throughout downtown.

   Over 30 volunteers of all ages cleaned and prepared garden beds, picked up debris, trimmed trees and swept garden soil and dirt from sidewalks. Ace Hardware donated yard waste bags. Riverside Grocery offered donuts and Miss Mallie’s Sweets donated cupcakes.

   The Beautification Committee plans to meet on these upcoming dates: April 24, May 1, May 15, June 5, August 7, September 11 and October 2. Interested persons are encouraged to follow the Greater Durand Area of Commerce Facebook page for updates. It is suggested to bring your favorite yard tools and gloves and meet at 10 a.m. at the Sandula Clock Tower.

   Greater Durand Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Candyce Wolsfeld shared, “We are thrilled with the first turnout. The Beautification Committee has three goals. The first is to clean up the gardens and trash. Next is sustainability as we plant vegetables in the gardens. The third is to get the buildings cleaned up and develop the alley. We have a lot of plans and are now considering the best way to go about them.”

   Vegetables will be planted along with flowers in the downtown gardens, allowing anyone to come along and enjoy the fresh produce when it is ripe.

   “The downtown business owners are very pleased,” added Wolsfeld.

(Courtesy Photo/Karen Moon Schaefer)

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