The Owosso Spiritual Episcopal Church at 610 Clinton Street will be sponsoring a fourth Drumming Meditation event on Saturday, Dec. 12 with Ool Pardi from Fenton, his Sioux Ceremonial Drum, and European Gong. This event will offer relief from the stress of the holiday season, allow you to recharge your energy source, and deep relaxation. Get back in tune with the authentic you. The drumming increases the vibrational level of the listener with its deep rhythmic harmonics and provides the participant with a level of meditation previously unavailable through other means.

Ool has an intuitive mastery of drumming patterns. He rhythmically works with the deep earth sounds of the Sioux Ceremonial drum to evoke the sounds and smells of ancient campfires He recently added a European gong to his meditations, altering the dynamics of the listener’s experience. Ool uses melodic chimes to cue the start and end of your meditation.

There has been a great deal of enthusiasm experienced in the past Drumming Meditation events with new people attending each session. Experience the healing of open chakra’s as the drumming opens your heart, crown, and throat chakras for connection to the oneness of all. As the drumming alters the listeners’ vibration level it brings them closer to guides and guardian angels, accessing the higher astral level. Close enough to experience spirit communication with loved ones on the other side and to experience visions and auditory phenomena. Participants report being taken on an astral tour. Past life experiences have been reported by many. What will you experience? Join us on Saturday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. at Spiritual Episcopal Church of Owosso, 610 Clinton Street. Call (989) 277-3851 or (989) 277-0792 for further information or our website at Love donation at the door.

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