ANGELA Shelby, State of Michigan ESGR, Dr. Nick Skarich, Andrea Weinrick, Platt Weinrick are shown here after the award presentation. (Courtesy Photo)

Dr. Nick Skarich, owner of Northside Animal Hospital, in Owosso, was presented with The Patriotic Employer Award by the U.S. Department of Defense.

According to Angela Shelby, a State of Michigan and ESGR coordinator, the ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) is a Department of Defense Agency with the mission of gaining and maintaining support from all public and private employers. One mission of the ESGR is recognizing supportive employers – those who are supportive in times of peace, crisis and war. Ms. Shelby presented Dr. Skarich with the Patriot Employer Award at his veterinary clinic on Friday, July 10. Dr. Skarich was nominated by his employee Andrea Weinrick, in regards to her husband, U.S. Army Reservist and Sgt. 1st Class Platt Weinrick. Platt and Andrea Weinrick participated in the award presentation. Also in attendance was Dr. Skarich’s father, Anton Skarich, who is a National Guard combat veteran as well.

In her nomination, Andrea Weinrick explained “My husband, SFC Platt Weinrick, was activated as part of Operation Enduring Freedom in February 2012. While on deployment, he sustained life threatening injuries in June 2012. Due to the nature of his injuries, I had to leave immediately to travel to Walter Reed for an unknown amount of time. Not only was my supervisor sympathetic to my situation, I was given an extended leave of absence without question. Since our return home, my husband has had to travel for several medical appointments and treatments. Dr. Skarich continues to support my role as a caregiver to my husband and makes accommodations to my work schedule accordingly, without question. I believe he deserves recognition for his outstanding support of a wounded warrior and his family. He appreciates the sacrifice my husband has made and has gone above and beyond to make my employment stress free as it related to my husband’s injuries.”

After receiving his award, Dr. Skarich expressed appreciation for this honor, but said that he only did what any human being should do for another person. He believes that Platt Weinrick, Andrea Weinrick and all military families are the ones who deserve accolades and support.

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