By Graham Sturgeon, co-editor

The Durand Board of Education briefly discussed its pending sale of Doyle Knight Elementary of Lennon during its Monday, March 14 meeting, and a new group expressed interest in the vacant building and property. The board received two serious bids for the school in January, one from HQ Adventure Academy and the other from the Victory Biker Church, but the bidding period closed Jan. 27.

The Friends of Doyle Knight, led by Marcia Harris, is interested in purchasing the building and land to turn the vacant building into a community center. While that proposal may not be possible at this late date, Harris’ request to use a portion of the property along Lennon Road for a veteran memorial is being considered. The board was receptive to the idea, and both bidders have said they would be open to the memorial.

Also, when the school district initially listed the property, it was described as coming with 2.45 acres. It has been discovered since that the building actually sits on approximately 4.6 acres, which would make it possible for the school

district to sell the Friends of Doyle Knight (FODK) their desired portion, leaving plenty of land for whichever bidder is selected. FODK is asking for three-quarters of an acre for the memorial.

The FODK did not release a figure they would be willing to pay for the property, but Harris did outline some of the group’s plans for the site. In addition to the memorial, she would like to see the building used as a gathering place for seniors and other community members, and she thinks Mott Community College and Baker College may have interest in using the building as a satellite campus. The board listened to what Harris had to say and promised to meet with her later about the veteran memorial, though they could not commit to re-opening the bidding process.

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