Several local businesses have joined with Durand Union Station Inc. to assist in a fund raising effort which began in December. DUSI began with a mailing to members and donors, with the intent of raising $50,000 for exterior maintenance of Durand’s historic depot, and now businesses are on board with the “Donate A Dollar For the Depot” campaign. Riverside Market, Deitrich’s Flower Shop, and State Farm Insurance, R.S. Green Insurance, Shaw’s Pharmacy and Then & Again Resale shop have all agreed to help the group in their endeavor.

The businesses will be asking their customers to donate a dollar when they check out, and the proceeds will be used to hire painting and roofing crews to do the specialized work the building requires. The unique configuration of the depot requires lifting equipment to access the windows and dormers on the second and third floors, the areas most exposed to weather, and is also a factor in the weather related damages to the roof.

“The lower section of the roof sustains periodic damage when ice and snow slide off the upper section onto the canopy,” said Tim Colton, DUSI’s Building and Grounds Committee Chairman. “The clay tile is historic and looks great on the building, but unfortunately it is brittle as well. It’s just a fact of life that we will need to repair it as needed.” Most of the maintenance and upkeep is done by volunteers, but the equipment required and the scope of the project dictate that professionals be called in to handle the work.

“We have had a great response to the fundraising efforts,” said Mary Warner Stone, DUSI Executive Director. “The community really cherishes this building and it show from the overwhelming support as we have received just over 10 percent of what we need to get the work done. Each of the businesses will be updated as funds are collected so the community can stay involved in our progress.

If anyone wishes to donate directly to DUSI they may call (989) 288-3561 and ask for Mary or Joe.

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