ALEX AYDELOTTE formally committed on Wednesday, June 20 to attend Lincoln College in Lincoln, IL. The recent Durand High School (DHS) graduate will play basketball for the Lincoln College Lynx, which competes in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The Lynx finished the 2017-2018 season with a 23-7 record. Aydelotte is the first DHS basketball player to play college basketball since 2002 DHS graduate Nick Clark played at Adrian College.
Aydelotte’s basketball journey is somewhat unique compared to many high school athletes. In the current hyper competitive world of college recruiting, many college coaches target and seek commitments from student-athletes as early as middle school. Aydelotte, however, decided in February, roughly four months ago, that he wanted to play college basketball. Since then his high school coach, Dave Inman, has been working overtime to help market his player to as many colleges as possible.
With the help of Brent Pawloski, a Durand resident and a scout with NSR College Scouting, Inman and Aydelotte have induced offers from schools all over the country, including schools as far away as Maine and Florida.
Also unique was Aydelotte’s experience as a high school basketball player. Most prospective college athletes train for years in preparation for the college recruitment process, with many accumulating more than 80 games of experience at the varsity level. Conversely, Aydelotte did not play his freshman year and had his sophomore and junior seasons cut short by injuries, resulting in less than 40 games of experience.
Fortunately for this versatile, late-blooming athlete, college recruiters still realize that analytics do not tell the whole story. Inman and Pawloski helped their recruit compile training videos that showcased his agility, athleticism and improving shooting, ball handling and passing; and they accentuated his work ethic and leadership ability, which do not always come across on video.
Inman and Pawloski both spoke during Aydelotte’s commitment ceremony on June 20, which was attended by several of Aydelotte’s friends, family members and DHS teammates.
“Alex came to me in mid-February and told me that he wanted to play college basketball,” Inman shared on
June 20. “Since then, this really took off, and it has been a fun ride. Kudos to Brent for helping us through this process. I am honored to have had a college basketball player on our team. Alex has worked hard and persevered. He has been a great influence on our younger players and he continues to be.”
“Alex is one of the hardest working kids I have ever seen, and I have worked with kids all over the country,” said a slightly emotional Pawloski. “Alex is the first kid I have recruited out of Durand, but it won’t be the last.”
Shown with Aydelotte (holding pen) on June 20 is (from left) his sister, Abbey; brother, Aaron; mother, Kathy; and father, Jim. Aydelotte will next visit Lincoln College in July for orientation, and he will move into his on-campus
lodgings in mid-August. In the meantime, Aydelotte will continue to work on getting stronger and improving his fundamentals as he makes the transition from playing center on his high school team to playing shooting guard in college.
(Independent Photo/Graham Sturgeon)

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