By Graham Sturgeon, staff writer

After years of back and forth discussion that has, at times, turned contentious, the city of Durand and Durand Union Station, Inc. (DUSI) seem to have finally come to an agreement on a lease contract. The language was approved by DUSI during its November meeting and the City Council plans to vote on the issue during its Monday, Dec. 7, meeting.

DUSI rents the space from the city for $1 per year, with DUSI handling operations and finances for the building. It has been suggested several times by the city’s auditor, Paul Bailey of Stewart, Beauvais & Whipple P.C., that a lease agreement is necessary to limit the city’s liability concerning the Depot, and the two sides have been trying to hammer out a deal since 2009.

While terms of the proposed agreement have not been divulged, city council members have stressed their desire for an end to this process and one, Dr. Brian Boggs, has confirmed that the council should approve the contract on Dec. 7. The two sides’ lawyers have handled the negotiations recently, so there should not be any surprises come Monday.

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