DEMOLITION WORK began on the 94-year-old St. Paul School building and the 70-year-old convent in Owosso on Monday, Jan 17. Burnash Wrecking of Flint is handling the demolition process.

   Shown above is the northwest corner of the St. Paul School building as viewed from Bradley Street.

   In 2019, the Owosso Catholic Parish building and grounds committee, which includes parish members such as local business owners, a retired school administrator, past principal and teacher, general contractors, etc., did a thorough review of all their facilities.

   In November of that year, the committee recommended moving the school from W. Main Street – to the vacant St. Joseph school building on E. Oliver Street, where it is located today. The decision to move factored in that the St. Joseph school building was newer, ADA compliant and required roughly only $100,000 in updates.

   Along the path to cautiously finalizing demolition decisions, the cost to renovate both the old St. Paul School building and the convent would have been over $2.5 million.

   It was suggested the school could be turned into apartments or sold to an outside company. The church was not equipped to be landlords and the expense was prohibitive. The Diocese of Lansing decided not to invest money to fixing the structure so the committee agreed the buildings needed to be demolished.

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