“THE QUEEN OF CURWOOD CASTLE,” Denice Grace, head docent at Curwood Castle in Owosso is shown in front of one of the new displays she has painstakingly worked on, with assistance from Albert Martenis, to perpetuate Owosso’s unique history to the public. Curwood Castle officially opened for the year on Saturday, April 2. Grace’s newest displays feature an “Owosso to Hollywood” theme and also highlight Nobel prize-winning scientist Alfred Hershey, originally of Owosso. Other Owosso natives are featured, too.

   The display Grace is standing in front of shows Owosso movie connections to films such as “The Polar Express,” which included sound recordings of the world famous Pere Marquette 1225 steam locomotive, the John Wayne Movie “The High and the Mighty,” which actually references Owosso and “Not Without My Daughter,” with Sally Field. Without giving away too much, other displays include Owosso’s Rob Oliver’s longtime and Emmy-winning work on the “Simpsons” and screenplays written by Michael J. Phillips, also from Owosso.

   Curwood Castle, which will turn 100 in 2023, is open Tuesday through Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. Admission is $5 per adult and $2 for children. Much of what is displayed belongs to Grace. Other items are borrowed. She is exceedingly cautious and thorough in researching the history involved in the displays, acknowledging the importance of historic accuracy. Her hope is others will be as interested in understanding and preserving Owosso’s history, too – with due consideration given to historical exactness.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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