Ken Talsma, an accountant with Anderson Tackman and Company, offered a presentation on the Shiawassee County audit during the county commissioner meeting on Thursday, May 13 in Corunna. Talsma issued an unmodified opinion of county finances. An unmodified opinion is issued from an auditor once evidence supports there are no overt financial misstatements or issues. In short, an unmodified opinion means information submitted to an auditor was found to be in compliance or accurate.

   The deadline for submitting the 2020 audit is set for June 30. The 2019 audit, missing the first deadline last June and also the extended deadline in July, was approved by commissioners in mid-January 2021. The pandemic and technological issues were cited as a couple of reasons for the delay. The county has been late in completing audits since 2016 – so having the 2020 audit ready to be submitted before the end of June is a large boon for the county.

   Anderson Tackman and Company was hired last December to complete the audit. Anderson Tackman will continue working with the county under a contract at $41,000 per year for three years. The commissioners voted to go with Anderson Tackman, moving away from Rehmann Business Advisors, which had completed previous audits.

   “So we came and started in mid-February and began with our documenting the system and testing all the controls, processes, gathering all the policies and making sure that everything kind of lines up with the minimum of what the state wants as far as checks and balances,” offered Talsma. “And everything looked really good.”

   Anderson Tackman often worked on location with county staff, offering quicker and more efficient access to information, according to Talsma. He emphasized the significance of making sure that various departments continue to work together – particularly in inter-departmental communications.

   Shiawassee County Coordinator Dr. Brian Boggs offered that the audit is “mainly a county administration function.” He explained how the audit requires all of the “different funds throughout the county and component units to be in alignment.”

   “In particular,” Boggs shared, “Tracy Bublitz, the finance director, and Lacey Ziola, the deputy finance director, worked extremely hard to ensure that all accounts and financial documents were correct and had supporting documentation needed to provide to the auditors. We slated the process to begin early this year and has several meetings with the auditors to ensure that the auditors had everything they needed.”

   The commissioners will vote on the audit during mid-June meetings.

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