COUNTY COMMISSIONER CHAIR JEREMY ROOT spoke briefly during the Monday evening Lincoln Day Dinner at the Comstock Inn and Conference Center. “I know some of the things you read and see out there in social media and in the newspapers, probably doesn’t give people an adequate view of actually what’s going on in the county. There are several good things going on in the county in the last six years,” he said. He highlighted technology improvements and the new county treasurer. He also described the MERS situation and how the commissioners have been trying to dig themselves out of a hole so that future commissioners would appreciate their efforts.

   “It’s going to be a tough election here in Shiawassee County,” Root said. “I think there is a party on the other side that is mobilizing that are led by some people with less than good intentions, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to wrangle a few people in this room to their side.” He encouraged people to vote for Republicans and to make sure those individuals were truly Republican and didn’t just have an “R” by their name.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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