During the Monday, Feb. 1 meeting, the Corunna City Council voted 4 to 1 to approve a carefully detailed ordinance regarding the specifics on allowing marijuana operations for potential developers within city limits.

   Corunna City Manager Joe Sawyer and Corunna Assessor Merilee Lawson offered a thorough reading and discussion process of the proposed ordinance to those in attendance. The meeting was held in-person at the Corunna Community Center, with pandemic protocols in place.

   The ordinance will permit up to two marijuana grow operation licenses with six licenses available for processors. Other available licenses will include licenses for microbusinesses, secure transport and marijuana safety compliance licensing – two each. Licenses for up to two designated consumption establishments will be permitted. However, consumption will only be allowed within the licensed microbusinesses and no place else. The ordinance outlines definitions for each of these businesses.

   Also included in the ordinance are details on license application submissions. All applications will be submitted through the city to be approved by Sawyer. Sawyer can decline an application, as well – as there are very specific items/points to be reviewed on every application. One such item calls for every applicant to submit a security plan to be approved by the city manager. The security plan is embedded into the ordinance to prevent “unauthorized access to, or theft and pilferage from a licensed facility approved for operation” in Corunna. The security plan calls for adequate perimeter fencing and state/city visual requirements, exterior lighting systems, building security systems, off-site contact list and established hours of operation.

   In the application process, applicants will be faced with a 100-point scale, allowing the city a thorough format for determining intricate details, particularly related to resident safety and economic growth potential. The licenses are only valid for one year – and Sawyer (or the city manager) can opt not to renew a license. Included in the scale system is a stipulation that no applicant scoring below 60 will be accepted.

   The move to formulate the ordinance was initiated during a special meeting on Monday, Dec. 14 for council members to look at a presentation offered by Green Parent Holdings LLC. Green Parent Holdings LLC, an indoor-outdoor marijuana cultivating developer, is interested in 64-acres of city property in Corunna’s industrial park on Parmenter Road. The specific property is on the west side of Parmenter Road. Green Parent Holdings LLC would like to construct a cannabis cultivation and development site and has submitted a letter of intent to the city. The city voted to accept the letter during the Dec. 14 meeting.

   The proposed Green Parent lease would be for 10-years with an option to purchase, and the city would receive roughly $75,000 per year for use of the location.

   Green Parent Holdings will now be able to submit an application for licensing after the ordinance was approved during the Monday evening meeting.

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