COMMUNITY CATS OF OWOSSO held a feline shelter-making workshop in council chambers at Owosso City Hall on Sunday, Dec. 10. The workshop was free to participants and everyone was allowed to take at least one shelter home. Over 30 volunteers showed up to construct the shelters that will provide an escape from the elements for dozens of feral cats in the area.

   The shelters were made from a combination of Styrofoam shipping containers, weather-resistant duct tape, heavy-duty trash bags, plastic planters and straw (not hay). With the shipping container as a base, a hole was cut large enough for a cat to maneuver comfortably, whiskers and all, and then an oval from the plastic planter was secured through the hole. The entrance must be high enough to prevent moisture from easily coming in. After, the trash bags were tightly secured to the exterior.

   Community Cats is a nonprofit group that offers low-cost spay/neuter options in response to the current feral cat population. Their mission, under the guidance of Lori Bailey and other volunteers, is to limit cat overpopulation. To make a donation or for more information, interested persons may call Lori Bailey at (989) 723-0064 or visit the city of Owosso website at, and look for the “Donate to Community Causes” link. Also note, that a number of local cats are available for adoption (to responsible parties only) at Pet Supplies Plus in Owosso.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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