THE EASTERN FACING side of the brick building on Elm Street being considered for demolition after a recent roof collapse. The brick wall is considered dangerous. The street has been closed.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)


   After a portion of S. Elm Street in Owosso was closed off on Monday, Sept. 20 to investigate a long, vacant building due to a recent roof collapse, a third-party engineer submitted a report on the structural integrity of the building to the city. The report stated, “the structure suffered neglect of maintenance for an extended period of time. Water has been able to infiltrate the structure and caused rot in the wood members that eventually caused the latest collapse. The structure has several areas of concern present.”

   The report continues to explain how the most recent roof collapse would not have occurred if the building had been properly cared for, but water entering into the building caused considerable damage. The building has been privately owned by at least three individuals for several decades, used mostly for storage dating back to the 1980s.

   The eastern wall of the four-story brick building, facing Elm Street, is considered dangerous. The city has stated the street will remain closed until the wall is either braced or the building is demolished. City officials are suggesting condemning the structure and scheduling demolition. Industrial demolition companies have been contacted to offer estimates on the removal.

   The building was once part of the Owosso Casket Company. The current owner is in prison, serving an unrelated sentence.

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