Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Dear Parents & Students: 

Choir has not been cut or eliminated from the

Owosso Middle School

As many of you know, life has taken Ms. Schaffert in a different direction, and she is resigning from Owosso Middle School at the conclusion of this school year.  Ms. Schaffert transformed the Middle School choir program and directed choir performances that encompassed singing, acting, props, and dance, all of which increased student and audience engagement. We have heard repeatedly from students and parents how much they appreciated her performance style and we have witnessed tremendous growth in the program.

These opportunities will continue in the Musical Theater/Vocal Performance class, which will be taught by Mrs. Jessica McClung beginning in the fall of 2018. Mrs. McClung is a highly regarded and talented Owosso Middle School teacher who has a strong background in music and theater.  The same core content and skills from choir class will continue in this new class, but other aspects of the arts will also be emphasized.  This class will offer lessons in vocal ability; site reading; acting; techniques for auditioning and performing; techniques to aid students’ personal learning styles, etc., all while developing personal confidence in a public arena. Students will also explore singing in character and examine different aspects of theater. Mrs. McClung is building an engaging curriculum for OMS students.

Owosso Public Schools strives to provide as many opportunities as possible for our students. This new course involves vocal music and theater thereby exposing students to a variety of opportunities. Additionally, now that the district will have a true theater at the secondary campus (to be completed in 2020) with all of the amenities, even more students will enjoy the opportunities and benefits of a rich vocal music and theatrical experience.

The new Musical Theater/Vocal Performance class will continue to provide a sound foundation for students to excel in the wide-variety of fine-arts programs offered at our Owosso HS. We are excited to provide more opportunities for Owosso students to express themselves and gain confidence through the Arts.



Rich Collins                                        Dr. Andrea Tuttle

Principal                                              Superintendent

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