THE BYRON AGRICULTURE program is proud to announce that they have received an America’s Farmers Grow Communities grant from the Monsanto Corporation. The grant was a result of a nomination by Karen Adams of LV Adams Farms of Byron. Many farmers in the Byron area use Monsanto products and have identified the Byron Agriculture program as a potential recipient of this grant.

  The money was invested in an agricultural drone. The drone will be used to teach students how drone technology can help scout crop fields and improve productivity by tailoring the treatment of growing crops to address specific issues identified by maps created by drones.

  This emerging drone technology will be integrated into a unit taught to second-year students that includes the program’s tractor equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) and auto steer technology. The integration of precision agriculture on modern farms not only increases productivity, but it improves our environment by allowing precise applications based on specific conditions in a field, as opposed to treating an entire field for an issue that may only exist in part of the field. The precise application of fertilizers and pesticides is great for farmers, as well as their communities and our Earth.

  The Byron Agriculture program greatly appreciates the support of local farmers and the greater Byron community, as well as companies like Monsanto, for helping to keep educational opportunities current for the next generation of agriculturalists.

  Shown holding the oversized check from Monsanto is (from left) Byron Agriculture teacher Tate Forbush, chapter president Dylan Baker, chapter vice president Sarah Franks and chapter treasurer Olivia Howard.

(Courtesy Photo)

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