ANDREA GARRISON has announced her candidacy for 85th District Representative. Andrea is running as a Democrat, and she currently lives and works from Owosso with her husband, Ray, and their dog, Lincoln. Andrea has a background in nonprofits and entrepreneurship, and is a strong advocate for clean rivers, which was inspired by her grandfather, former Michigan Attorney General, Governor and 17-year Michigan Supreme Court Justice Harry F. Kelly – and is a strong advocate for clean rivers. Andrea’s nonprofit work and service on the Friends of the Shiawassee River Board of Directors are examples of her deeply-held core values, strengthening the social safety net and protecting the environment.

   What inspired you to run for something? I believe that in these times of crisis, it’s more important than ever that we send a wave of Democrats to Lansing and take the Legislature back.

   What issue is most pressing in your community and how do you plan on remedying it? Right now, our biggest issue is surviving the impacts from the pandemic. I’ve been so inspired by the people in Shiawassee County – local officials, businesses, nonprofits, volunteers – that have come together in so many ways to help one another. But, it’s going to take much effort going forward, and what we are doing right now is not near enough.

   What surprised you the most about being a candidate? I was surprised by the silent independent constituency that is here in our district.

   As you’ve been meeting with voters in your community, what is something new that you learned? I’m still getting the news out of my candidacy, but I am finding that we are all scared and frustrated because there is so much unknown about the future. Sometimes people just want clarity, leadership and truthfulness, not the blame games or partisan bickering.

   What is one takeaway you’d like to leave your constituents with? Our 85th District intersects with one of a few “pivot” counties. Sometimes the divide between Republicans and Democrats on issues feels unbridgeable and petty, especially when displayed by our leaders in times of crisis like now. While we cannot yet know the full extent of how this cruel pandemic will derail our world, we do know that we will prevail. I look forward to trying to get Shiawassee County to pivot back to Democrat in November!

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