JOELLE MCGUIRE was crowned as the 2017 Owosso Glow Ice Queen on Saturday, Nov. 18 at historic Curwood Castle in Owosso. Owosso Mayor Chris Eveleth and Owosso Historical Society Director Robert Doran addressed the crowd inside the castle, and 2016 Ice Queen Sue Osika crowned this year’s winner. Eveleth (right) can be seen presenting McGuire (center) with her sash, while Osika crowned the new queen. The runner-up in this year’s competition was Corky Adams, the owner of Abiding In the Vine, and third place went to Shiawassee Hope Executive Director Marlene Webster, who is also the associate pastor at the Owosso Church of the Nazarene.

  Similar to the Curwood Festival’s Mr. Owosso contest, each Ice Queen candidate selected a nonprofit organization for which they would raise money. The contestant who raised the most money for their cause was declared the winner and crowned the 2017 Ice Queen. Webster raised $12,169.14 for Shiawassee Hope, Adams raised $16,580 for the Healing Nest of Mid-Michigan, and McGuire raised $16,580.28 for the Memorial Healthcare Friends of Hospice. 

Together, the three ladies raised a new Glow Owosso Ice Queen record of $45,329.42. McGuire bested Adams by only $.28, which is the smallest winning margin in the Glow Owosso Ice Queen’s three-year history. Athena Kurtz won the crown in 2015.

  “I prepared myself for Marlene to win, but this week I told my sister, after all the fundraising events we held, I just want to win,” said McGuire after accepting her crown. “I don’t even know how many events we did over the past seven weeks, but it was a lot. I’m really proud that we pulled this off, and it hurts my heart a little bit for Corky. I want to give her a shout out, because the Healing Nest that she raised money for is a very worthy cause; pampering women who have cancer. I am a hospice worker, so we refer people to that agency all the time; and Shiawassee Hope as well. All three organizations will benefit greatly. I have to thank Glow Owosso, as well as my co-campaign managers Cindy Kildea and Lori Luchenbill.”

(Independent Photo/Graham Sturgeon)

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