THE ZCBJ/WFLA LODGE 242 was the location for a special birthday party on Sunday, March 4. Marie Prikasky celebrated her 104th birthday with family and friends in attendance. Prikasky’s involvement with the iconic ZCBJ hall began decades ago: 78 years ago, actually. Beginning in 1960 with her daughter’s wedding, Prikasky started taking over as the head of the kitchen, where she was able to continue sharing a number of traditional and popular recipes with thousands of individuals who frequented the venue.

   Recently, the hall has seen a number of changes that have included the replacement of some of the dated décor with contemporary metal accents, fresh paint, framed vintage photos, and plans to introduce wall-mounted TVs, along with free WiFi. By no means do these improvements imply that the much loved and appreciated traditions at the ZCBJ hall are being ignored. In fact, a revitalized focus on those treasured recipes that Prikasky and others were involved with for numerous years, have helped reinstate a new demand for the delicious food.

   Prikasky’s birthday menu included fried chicken, ham, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, and delicious knedliky (a dumpling-like item) with oceans of gravy. Approximately 35 family members from as far away as Nashville joined her in the celebration.

  Did you ever wonder what ZCBJ stood for? It stands for Zapadni Cesko Bratrska Jednota. If you can’t recall that first part, then WFLA may be a bit easier. WFLA stands for Western Fraternal Life Association. For more information on the ZCBJ/WFLA, or to become a member, call (517) 719-5670.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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