THESE FOUR WOMEN are eager to start up their group called, “100 Women Who Care of the Greater Owosso area.” Finding the organization as well as seeing the good they are doing in other areas of the country and nationwide, these women knew this was a group to form in Owosso. They include: (from left) Lisa Hood, Sue Ludington, Becky Hartnagle and Cindy Schluckebier. (Independent Photo/Elizabeth Wehman)

By Elizabeth Wehman, editor

In 2006, a group of women hospital employees in Jackson, MI saw a need for babies due to a large group of women going home without cribs. Putting their heads together, the group of women saw strength in numbers and began the movement of ‘100 Women Who Care.’

Recently Cindy Schluckebier, Sue Ludington, Lisa Hood and Becky Hartnagle heard of the group and decided that the Owosso area needed a group. In November, they gathered to decide on the details and on Monday, Feb. 29 will conduct their first meeting at the Baker College Welcome Center at 6:30 p.m. The goal of ‘100 Women Who Care of the Greater Owosso Area’ is to bring together 100 (or more) women in Owosso who care about local community causes and are committed to community service. Their meetings will be only an hour long with no overhead whatsoever. No food, entertainment or elections will be held in the group, thus concentrating on their main goal: helping a local charity or nonprofit organization.

The group is currently seeking women interested in joining their cause. At their meetings, held three times a year, the women will gather to submit nonprofit and charity groups on slips of paper. From those entries, someone will draw out one charity and the person suggesting the charity will have three minutes to give a brief overview of that organization and what they do in the community. During the meeting, three charity groups will be drawn. At the end of the meeting, the members will vote on their favorite charity and each woman will write a check for $100 to be given to that particular charity. The outcome bringing in thousands of dollars for a local charity.

To be a member of the group, persons need to fill out a 2016 commitment form which solidifies that you will be a part of the group for one year. Forms will be available on the website at or by emailing One major enrollment qualification is the donation of $300 during their enrollment year. At the end of the year, there is an automatic enrollment, unless stated otherwise. Submitted forms may be mailed to: Cindy Schluckebier, 1471 W. Wilkinson Rd., Owosso, MI 48867. You do not need to be present at each meeting, but you will need to find a friend or other member to help you in submitting your check to the correct charity of choice.

There are many ‘100 Women Who Care’ organizations nationally and worldwide. It is exciting to see one in the Owosso area and the founders of this chapter are eager to see how successful the group will be in helping others. You can also like their group on Facebook at ‘100 Women Who Care of the Greater Owosso Area.’

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